The work we do

We provide research-based-solutions, and we’re not precious about how we get to the solution. Whilst we have specialists in qualitative and quantitative methodologies, we have no vested interest in recommending one methodology over another.

We have no head office telling us to sell particular products, nor an economic dictat to deliver particular types of revenue. We have the skills and experience to create new research formats and procedures to address complex or unusual client issues. We will combine techniques, environments, technologies and respondent criteria to get the information we need.

Given our flexible approach it is not surprising that we have a diverse range of projects; we conduct New Product Development work for several major clients, we handle packaging design projects, placement tests, U&A’s and segmentations, we do mystery shopping, category management studies, Trade CSM, we have special software for computer (and web) Choice Based and Adaptive Conjoint and customized market modelling tools.

We conduct in-home, in-central-location, at work, exit polls, shopper intercepts, telephone interviews, pen & paper, diaries, lap-top and web interviews, and all possible combinations of the above – we’ll do whatever it takes to find and interview the right respondents!