The way we work

What most people think of as research – the process of gathering data – is much less important to us than the thinking that has to take place either side of this process.

Before During After
Can this subject/issue be researched? Quality control: What does the data tell us?
What decision(s) will be based on the findings? Detailed briefing of supervisors & interviewers Which groups behave or think differently and why?
Who will be able to provide relevant answers? Quota checking What are the consequences of the findings?
How do we reach these people? Telephone back-checks whilst the project is still in-field How do we best communicate these findings to our client?
Will a standard methodology deliver what we need or do we create a new approach ? Multi-level sign-off of questionnaire quality What do we recommend they do as a consequence of the research?
  Algorithms on punched data to check for anomalies Could we have done this better?

We are renowned for our creativity and flexibility; whilst we have a number of proven research tools, we do not assume that these are the answers for all problems: We will combine qualitative and quantitative, face to face and internet, consumer and B2B methodologies to achieve the optimal research solution.

We have a very low staff turnover rate - most of the team have been with the company over 5 years - so we have a bank of knowledge and experience not only of projects and clients but of working together as a team. Getting projects delivered on-time, on-budget and with the highest quality controls is not an individuals responsibility, it is shared by every employee - nobody ever says "it's not my problem".

We have two company mottos: "No Lies, No Bullshit, No Excuses" and "Never promise what you can't deliver, but always deliver what you promise".